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Technical Requirements


Technical Requirements

For all concerts, a professional sound system including an on-site sound engineer is required. A local sound company may be hired to provide the sound, or the equipment may be rented if a capable person is available to set up and mix the live sound. In most cases, the "house system" of a synagogue or center is not adequate. Please contact Jeff directly for sound advice when booking your concert.


Minimum sound requirements include:
• 2-3 quality vocal mics on boom stands
• 1 guitar DI input
• reverb effect
• 2 floor (wedge) monitors
• mixer/amp/speakers adequate for the room
• all necessary cables and connectors
• on-site sound engineer

In addition:
• 2 music stands
• 1 tall wooden stool; 30" (no back)
• small table on stage
• tables in lobby (and personel) for CD sales
• off-stage changing room

If driving to the event, it may be possible for Jeff to bring a sound system for a small additional fee. A small system (100 people or less) and a large system (up to 300 people) are available. The venue must provide set-up help, and a capable person must be available to assist with the sound check prior to the show, and to mix the live sound for the duration of the concert.

When booking your concert, a detailed "tech rider" will be emailed to you.

  Lectures require the following equipment:
• a quality DVD projecter and screen (or large screen TV)
• a quality DVD player with remote
• a guitar amplifier or small sound system
• AC extension cords as needed
• a hand-held wireless microphone
• dark or semi-dark room