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• MP3: Ten Commandments, sung by Kol B'seder
This is an old song, from the Songs for Growin' CD, but you know what? I haven't found any other song that a) teaches the Ten Commandments to young kids and b) gives you and easy way to memorize them in order. Sheet music is in the Growin' Songbook.


Dayeinu Variations:
• MP3: Lou Klayman (Twistin' the Freilach)
• MP3: Farbrangen Fiddlers (unknown LP)

• MP3: Cantor Michael Hammerman (Bless This House)
Lyrics are here

• LYRICS: Afikomen Round the Mountain

•MP3: Syrian Echad Mi Yodei'a in Judeo-Arabic
years ago in Evanston, IL, I tutored a young man named Jonathan Malki for his Bar Mitzvah. His Grandfather, Avraham Malki, lived in Israel but had grown up in Egypt. He was a wonderful, sweet, and proud old man, with a rough but melodious voice. (From him I absorbed the Sephardic custom of saying "Hazak U'varuch" when someone says "Yashar Koch'cha" to you.) After the bar mitzvah I asked if he would let me record some of his Sephardic melodies. He was very gracious, and the next day he sat with me for over an hour singing into my tape recorder. Avraham's mother had come from Syria and this wonderful melody for Echad Mi Yode'a (Who Knows One) was passed down in Judeo-Arabic through the generations. His son, Elliot, sings with him. The lyrics (in Hebrew) are here: page 1 - page 2

•MP3: My Grandfather's 1942 Pesach Recording, NYC
In 1942 my grandfather, Bernard Klepper, his brother and sisters recorded their favorite Pesach songs. The versions of Adir Hu #1 and Chad Gadya #2 were learned from their Romanian grandparents! The tracks are: Balaila; Bapesach; Ki Lo Na'eh #1; Ki Lo Na'eh #2; Adir Hu #1; Adir Hu #2: Chad Gadya #1; Chad Gadya #2; Odecha; Ein Keloheinu. (File is 4.4 meg, 12:38 min)

•MP3: 'Bo Diddley' Chad Gadya, sung by Jeff

•MP3: In Every Generation, sung by Kol B'seder

• MP3: The Ten Plagues, sung by Kol B'seder

•VIDEO: Pharoah Pharoah
Lyrics are here

•VIDEO: Japanese Matzah Cutting Lesson