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Everybody loves Jeff Klepper's music. Kids, their parents, and grandparents learned his songs at Jewish summer camps. Many remember the magical music of Kol B'Seder, and thrill to meet and sing with one of the composers of 'Shalom Rav,' 'Modeh Ani,' and 'Lo Alecha,' songs they have known for decades. Jeff inspires college students, who grew up with his music in religious school, and kids...well, Jeff has them clapping and singing in 30 seconds. They'll be having so much fun, they won't realize how much they're learning at the same time!

Jeff shares his songs, his warmth, and humor with delighted audiences everywhere. Weaving together unforgettable tunes, insightful lyrics and a solid backbeat, Jeff gets audiences of every age singing, harmonizing, clapping and smiling. His concerts are joyous happenings - celebrations of the Jewish spirit.

Jeff usually gives solo concerts, creating an intimate bond between performer and audience. Solo concerts are reasonably priced - especially in the Boston metro area. If your event requires a bigger sound, Jeff will be happy to put together a back-up band of incredible musicians.

Jeff is available for concerts during the week,
Saturday evenings and all day Sunday.

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• Family Concerts
• Holiday Concerts
• Religious School Concerts - during or after school
• Choir Concerts - featuring Jeff's music
• Benefit Concerts
• Fundraising Concerts
• Hillel & Kesher Concerts (special pricing)
• Community Concerts
• Senior Concerts
• Oldies Concerts for Boomers - Music of the 60s!